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  • 2023 drilling down - 04/21/2024 (Login to read Full story) According to drilling data published by the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, 46 development wells were completed on the North Slope in 2023. That compares with 71 completions in 2022 and 91 in 2019. There were few North Slope wells drilled in 2020 and 2021 because of COVID related restric....

  • Drilling Augustine '25 - 04/21/2024 (Login to read Full story) On April 16, GeoAlaska told Petroleum News that effective April 1, the Alaska Department of Natural Resources granted GeoAlaska a geothermal prospecting permit (ADL 394374) covering 7,299 acres on Augustine Island. This acreage expands GeoAlaska's existing geothermal footprint at Augustine Island by....

  • Demand fear hits ANS - 04/21/2024 (Login to read Full story) STEVEN: PLEASE PUT EMAIL CONTACT FOR STEVE AT BOTTOM IN NONSCANABLE FORMAT Contact Steve Sutherlin at [email protected] KICKER: FINANCE & ECONOMY Demand fear hits ANS Iran vs Israel attack falls flat; China woes, US supplies take stage PULL: U.S. Federal Reserve officials including C....

  • Alaska North Slope Pikka project 47% complete as of March 31 - 04/21/2024 (Full story) In Santos' first quarter report issued April 18, the company said the Alaska North Slope Pikka development project was 47% complete as of March 31, as compared to 37.4% complete as of Dec. 31. In the first quarter rig operations were completed on seven wells. Four wells have been stimulated with thr....

  • House Resources hears Narwhal on West Harrison Bay unit issues - 04/21/2024 (Full story) Rep. Tom McKay, chair of the Alaska Legislature's House Resources Committee, wants to know why there is no development at the West Harrison Bay unit on the North Slope. He said at a committee hearing April 15 that he was concerned about delays in developing West Harri-son Bay, which he said he under....

  • 88 Energy reports second light oil discovery in Hickory-1 well - 04/21/2024 (Login to read Full story) In an April 15 ASX announcement 88 Energy Limited reported dual reservoir success at the company's Hickory-1 well with a second light oil discovery at the SMD-B reservoir. Hickory-1 is in Project Phoenix on the North Slope of Alaska. In an April 2 ASX announcement 88 Energy reported the successful f....

  • Baker Hughes US rig count down 3 to 617 - 04/21/2024 (Login to read Full story) The Baker Hughes' U.S. rotary drilling rig count was 617 the week ending April 12, down by three rigs from 620 the previous week, and down by 134 from 751 a year ago, following a drop of one rig last week. The rig count was down in five and up in three of the last eight weeks, with a loss of 19 agai....

  • The Explorers Magazine Preview: Explorers keep pursuing exploration licenses - 04/21/2024 (Login to read Full story) Alaska has many small prospects that would be instantly sanctioned almost anywhere else in the country but are not large enough to overcome the logistical challenges inherent to the far north: getting supplies to the site and moving production back to market. While some of those burdens have been gr....

  • This month in history: BP has conceptual breakthrough on viscous - 04/21/2024 (Login to read Full story) Editor's note: This story first appeared in the April 18, 2004, issue of Petroleum News. When a single horizontal well was drilled to viscous oil on Alaska's North Slope in 1999, producers had taken what proved to be a significant step toward economic development of the 15 billion barrel resource. ....

  • Sidebar: 20 years ago this month: What's heavy oil and what ain't - 04/21/2024 (Login to read Full story) In most places viscous oil equals heavy oil, but that isn't the case on the North Slope, where the term viscous is a better fit than heavy for the shallower, colder crude oil BP and ConocoPhillips are tapping at Milne Point, Kuparuk and Prudhoe Bay. BP's Milne Point asset manager, Ed LaFehr, told t....

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  • First well to target central reservoir area 10/19/2023
  • Armstrong's Lagniappe moves on South Badami exploration program 03/30/2023
  • DNR commissioner issues proposed decision on Pikka pipeline 09/06/2022
  • ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Chevron interested in Pikka? 05/23/2022
  • Fiord West produces first oil, 10,000 bpd 05/20/2022

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