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  • Willow ROD signed - 11/01/2020 (Login to read Full story) The U.S. Department of the Interior signed the record of decision Oct. 26 on the final environmental impact statement for ConocoPhillips Alaska's Willow master development plan. ConocoPhillips requested preparation of a Willow master development plan in May 2018. Interior's Bureau of Land Managemen....

  • KIC ANWR seismic - 11/01/2020 (Full story) The Kaktovik Iñupiat Corp. has requested authorization for a 3D seismic acquisition program on the eastern portion of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Coastal Plain for the winter season of 2020-21. A proposal and plan of operations for the survey, dubbed the Marsh Creek East Program, was release....

  • Jade advances Sourdough - 11/01/2020 (Full story) Alaska independent Jade Energy LLC is moving steadily forward with its plans to evaluate and possibly develop BP's Sourdough oil discovery, having completed its scheduled summer work and obtained several federal and state permits and authorizations. “Despite the COVID-19 situation and challenges imp....

  • Dueling factors drive volatility; Zeta, COVID-19 roil oil prices - 11/01/2020 (Login to read Full story) Countervailing forces launched oil traders on a white-knuckle roller coaster ride to begin the week of Oct. 26. Hurricane Zeta gained strength as it swept into the Gulf of Mexico, shutting in production while the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries contemplated vacating a production in....

  • Canada chases ‘scale,' evidenced by blockbuster Cenovus-Husky deal - 11/01/2020 (Login to read Full story) For the past five years, the Canadian oil patch has been braced for a tsunami of takeovers. For the past five months, that tension has built to breaking point as COVID-19 has taken hold. For the past week, as the industry has come to terms with the sound of the first domino to fall, following Husky....

  • State, BLM lease sales, both online, will be held in January - 11/01/2020 (Login to read Full story) Annual State of Alaska and federal Bureau of Land Management oil and gas lease sales, typically held late in the year, have been rolled to January. The state's offerings include three areawide sales — the Beaufort Sea, North Slope and North Slope Foothills; BLM's sale is for portions of the Nationa....

  • BLM & ConocoPhillips respond to appeal - 11/01/2020 (Login to read Full story) The Bureau of Land Management and ConocoPhillips have filed briefs in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit in an appeal by the village of Nuiqsut and five environmental organizations against BLM's approval of ConocoPhillips' 2018-19 National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska exploration program. The....

  • Alaska-Mackenzie Rig Report - 11/01/2020 (Login to read Full story) Subscribers must log in to read PDF report.....

  • September ANS production up marginally - 11/01/2020 (Login to read Full story) Alaska North Slope crude oil and natural gas liquids production averaged 482,194 barrels per day in September, up 0.7%, 3,554 bpd, from an August average of 478,640, and up 1.4% from a September 2019 average of 475,648 bpd. In both cases the increases came from Prudhoe Bay, the Slope's largest fiel....

  • Sidebar: Cook Inlet gas production up 12% - 11/01/2020 (Login to read Full story) Natural gas production in Cook Inlet averaged 222,532 thousand cubic feet per day in September, up 11.9%, 3,648 mcf, from an August average of 218,883 mcf, and up 3.6% from a September 2019 average of 214,904 mcf per day. This data is from the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, which repor....

  • US rotary rig count increases by 5 to 287 - 11/01/2020 (Login to read Full story) The Baker Hughes U.S. rotary rig count was at 287 for the week ending Oct. 23, up by five from 282 the previous week, continuing an increase that began in mid-August. The count is still down substantially from a year ago, by 543 from 830. When the count hit 244 the week of Aug. 14, it was not just....

  • The Producers 2020 preview: Exxon takes two paths at Pt. Thomson - 11/01/2020 (Login to read Full story) For the past 43 years, the Point Thomson unit has been widely viewed as one of the saviors of the North Slope basin: a major field with resources that could help the State of Alaska shift from an oil-based economy to an industrial economy based on natural gas. But to date, the story of the unit has....

  • Keystone XL getting edgy ahead of election - 11/01/2020 (Login to read Full story) If Joe Biden wins the White House you may hear an inward sucking sound north of the 49th parallel in Alberta and Saskatchewan. That will reflect the state of high anxiety among a majority of residents in those two Canadian provinces as they face a threat issued earlier this year by Biden campaign of....

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  • Court confirms Furie's plan for Ch. 11 sale to Hex 06/12/2020
  • Restructured, renamed Hex nears closing date on Furie assets 06/04/2020
  • RCA approves Chugach Electric purchase of ML&P 05/29/2020
  • Hilcorp gets approval for Whiskey Gulch strat test plan 05/22/2020
  • Alaska Gasline Development receives FERC approval 05/21/2020

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