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September 2021
Below are articles from this week's edition of Petroleum News. Subscribers must log in above to view the complete articles. Subscribe now for full access.
  • Heckuva bunch of work - 10/24/2021 (Full story) On Oct. 15, Furie Operating Alaska LLC, under the ownership of HEX LLC, filed its eighth plan of development for the northern Cook Inlet Kitchen Lights unit with Alaska's Division of Oil and Gas. The eighth POD period runs from Jan. 3, 2022, through Dec. 31, 2022. Although Furie and HEX CEO John He....

  • Hello to upper $80s - 10/24/2021 (Login to read Full story) Alaska North Slope crude closed at $86.78 per barrel Oct. 20, a gain of $1.07, while West Texas Intermediate rose 91 cents to close at $83.87. Brent closed at $85.82, a gain of 74 cents. The gains took prices to seven-year highs. For ANS and Brent, it was the second consecutive close above $85. Bull....

  • Canada chases green - 10/24/2021 (Login to read Full story) Clean, renewable energy plans are rolling off the design table at a steady rate in Canada, most recently led by a partnership to build and operate large-scale hydrogen hubs in North America and a proposal to embark on a massive expansion of an Alberta petrochemical complex. The hydrogen initiative i....

  • Southcentral utilities make progress in pooling power generation - 10/24/2021 (Login to read Full story) Southcentral Alaska electric utilities Chugach Electric Association and Matanuska Electric Association have been making significant progress in implementing what is termed a tight power pool, in which the utilities reduce the cost of electricity for their customers by jointly making maximum use of t....

  • AOGCC further reduces CIE bond requirement, based on an EPA bond - 10/24/2021 (Login to read Full story) In an Oct. 20 order the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission has made a second reduction in plugging and abandonment bonding requirements for Cook Inlet Energy, based on bonding in place with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The bond CIE has with EPA covers P&A of a Class I disposal w....

  • Vision gets good DNR review to operate, own North Fork Pipeline - 10/24/2021 (Login to read Full story) On Oct. 13, Glacier Oil and Gas received conditional approval from the Alaska Department of Resources' Division of Oil and Gas, State Pipeline Coordinator's Section, to transfer its interest in the North Fork Pipeline right-of-way lease, ADL 230928, to Gardes Holdings company, Vision Resources. Vis....

  • Canada sends huge delegations to UN global summits; pledges not met - 10/24/2021 (Login to read Full story) It has been said that if Canada's noise about tackling climate change was music it would be a big brass band. Instead, it has become a global laughingstock for showing up at United Nations climate change conferences with overwhelming delegations, while underwhelming the events with its plodding prog....

  • A new DGGS exploration data portal - 10/24/2021 (Full story) Alaska's Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys has published a completed database, with accompanying maps and charts, for all of the exploration drilling that has been conducted offshore and onshore Arctic Alaska over the years. The agency's goal in publishing the database is to provide a w....

  • Bidding opens for fall O&G lease sales - 10/24/2021 (Login to read Full story) KICKER: LAND & LEASING Bidding opens for fall O&G lease sales The Alaska Division of Oil and Gas said Oct. 15 that bidding has opened for the Department of Natural Resources' fall 2021 oil and gas lease sales. The bidding is online through EnergyNet Services LLC, with bidder registration and bid s....

  • Baker Hughes rig count gains 10 to 543 - 10/24/2021 (Login to read Full story) For the week ending Oct. 15, the Baker Hughes U.S. rotary drilling rig count was up by 10 rigs from the preceding week to 543, an increase of 261 from 282 a year ago. When the count dropped to 244 in mid-August 2020 it was the lowest the domestic rotary rig count has been since the Houston based oi....

  • Celebrating the life & contributions of Gil Mull - 10/24/2021 (Full story) C.G. “Gil” Mull, who recently passed away, was not only a friend of Petroleum News, but a close friend of mine. Starting in the mid-1980s, Gil helped me understand the geology he loved most, that of northern Alaska, where he loved to “pound rocks.” Not only did he help map and interpret northern Al....

  • Nominated to spend Christmas at Prudhoe Bay - 10/24/2021 (Login to read Full story) ART: HORIZONTAL PHOTO FROM: March 19, 2007, page 6 PNWITH THIS CUTLINE: Workers flared the first gas flow from the Ivishak (Sadlerochit) formation during drill stem test No. 2 of the Prudhoe Bay State No. 1 well on Dec. 27, 1967. No oil flowed to the surface during the test, but natural gas flowed....

  • Veteran geologist Gil Mull retires - 10/24/2021 (Login to read Full story) Veteran geologist Charles G. “Gil” Mull has retired from the Alaska Division of Oil and Gas after working for the state for 22 years. Mull, with his vast knowledge of Alaska geology, has become something of an institution since he first arrived in the state in 1961. He was part of the team that disc....

  • Mapping the North Slope - 10/24/2021 (Login to read Full story) Surprisingly, for an area as geologically significant as Alaska's North Slope, the only readily available, color, geologic rendition of the entire area is a statewide map made in the 1970s by the U.S. Geological Survey at a scale of 1 inch per 40 miles.....

  • Gil still contributing his expertise: - 10/24/2021 (Login to read Full story) The Nanushuk formation, the rock unit that has become the focus of new major oil discoveries on the North Slope, has acquired a reputation as something of a new kid on the block, a new oil play, overlooked in the past but now the known reservoir for finds such as Pikka and Willow. Apparently, howeve....

  • Oil patch bits: Lynden Air Cargo completes campaign in Afghanistan - 10/24/2021 (Login to read Full story) As reported by Lynden News Oct. 15, Lynden Air Cargo completed its campaign in Afghanistan in June after flying six flights and over 68 flight hours for the U.S. military. “We operated out of Bahrain for just under a month providing scheduled service and hauling Cargo Returning West out of Bagram, t....

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  • Court confirms Furie's plan for Ch. 11 sale to Hex 06/12/2020
  • Restructured, renamed Hex nears closing date on Furie assets 06/04/2020
  • RCA approves Chugach Electric purchase of ML&P 05/29/2020
  • Hilcorp gets approval for Whiskey Gulch strat test plan 05/22/2020
  • Alaska Gasline Development receives FERC approval 05/21/2020

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