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September 2021
Below are articles from this week's edition of Petroleum News. Subscribers must log in above to view the complete articles. Subscribe now for full access.
  • China woes shrugged - 09/26/2021 (Login to read Full story) Alaska North Slope crude jumped $1.45 to close at $75.67 per barrel Sept. 22, as rising oil demand and falling U.S. oil stocks stoked a bounce-back from a Monday sell off Sept. 20. West Texas Intermediate bounced $1.67 Sept. 22 to close at $72.23, and Brent cranked higher by $1.83 to close at $76.19....

  • Pantheon plans ANS well - 09/26/2021 (Full story) The Sept. 19 Petroleum News story titled “88E lone explorer?” did not include a North Slope winter exploration well planned by Great Bear Pantheon —Theta West 1. So, in addition to 88 Energy's Merlin 2 well, Great Bear Pantheon will drill the Theta West exploration well in state acreage adjacent to....

  • Railroad wrestle ends - 09/26/2021 (Login to read Full story) Canada's two biggest railroads have apparently come to the end of the line in their prolonged arm-wrestling to lock up ownership of Kansas City Southern, KCS, and create the first North American railway network. The victor, after seven months of to-ing and fro-ing, is Canadian Pacific Railway, CPR,....

  • Oil Patch insider: Lance bullish on oil market; Alaska ‘very, very competitive' - 09/26/2021 (Login to read Full story) While ConocoPhillips's Ryan Lance is “bullish” on the oil market for the “next couple of years” and “very excited” about the company's $9.5 billion cash purchase of Royal Dutch Shell's assets in the Permian, “one of the best basins in the world,” what does this mean for Alaska's North Slope? Having....

  • Decision over ANWR lease sale program unlikely before June 2023 - 09/26/2021 (Login to read Full story) In Sept. 20 filings in four federal District Court in Alaska cases challenging the legality of the oil and gas lease sale program for the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, parties in the cases have told the court that a decision on the findings in a supplementary environmental im....

  • DNR extends performance bond deadline for GBP's Talitha unit - 09/26/2021 (Login to read Full story) On Sept. 13, the Alaska Department of Natural Resources' Division of Oil and Gas approved an amendment to the Talitha unit agreement that says Great Bear Pantheon's drilling requirement has been satisfied and effectively extending the company's deadline to post a $3.3 million performance bond from S....

  • Trudeau's Liberals emerge Canada's 2nd minority government - 09/26/2021 (Login to read Full story) When Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau triggered a federal election two years ahead of schedule he declared it was a performance review of his administration's handling of COVID-19, including hundreds of billions of dollars in support benefits and a massive debt. What he really wanted was an ou....

  • Terra Nova rescued; production to resume - 09/26/2021 (Login to read Full story) Out of the storm-tossed North Atlantic a surprise has surfaced. Suncor Energy and Cenovus, two of Canada's largest oil sands players, have come to the rescue of the region's energy industry as global players head for the exits. They announced an agreement to extend the life of the Terra Nova FPSO (f....

  • Hilcorp busy onshore, offshore Cook Inlet - 09/26/2021 (Login to read Full story) Hilcorp Alaska became a producer in Southcentral in 2012 when it took over Chevron's Cook Inlet oil and gas assets, later adding Marathon's gas fields, a small field operated by XTO Energy and ConocoPhillips Alaska's North Cook Inlet gas field. The company has fields on the west side of Cook Inlet,....

  • IGU expands gas supply customer base - 09/26/2021 (Login to read Full story) Interior Gas Utility, the gas utility for the Fairbanks region of the Alaska Interior, has been steadily increasing its customer base in Fairbanks and North Pole, according to a report presented to the IGU board on Sept. 14. As part of the Interior Energy Project, a project sponsored by the Alaska I....

  • Environmental groups challenge F&WS rule - 09/26/2021 (Login to read Full story) Environmental groups have challenged regulations from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service allowing unintentional minor disturbance of polar bears and walruses during oil industry activities in the Beaufort Sea and the adjacent northern coast of Alaska. In a suit filed Sept. 16 in U.S. District Court....

  • Call for new O&G lease sale information - 09/26/2021 (Login to read Full story) The Alaska Division of Oil and Gas has a call out for new information for the 2022 Cook Inlet and Alaska Peninsula areawide lease sales. In a Sept. 16 release the division said the sales are tentatively scheduled for next spring. The request is for “substantial new information concerning Cook Inle....

  • Furie signs new gas sales agreements - 09/26/2021 (Full story) Furie Operating Co. has signed new gas supply agreements with Anchorage-based Chugach Electric Association and Interior Gas Utility in Fairbanks. Furie is wholly owned by HEX Cook Inlet LLC, the owner and operator of the Kitchen Lights gas field in Cook Inlet. Neither supply agreement commits to any....

  • US rotary rig count gains 9, now at 512 - 09/26/2021 (Login to read Full story) The Baker Hughes U.S. rotary drilling rig count was at 512 the week ending Sept. 17, up nine rigs from the preceding week and up 257 from 255 a year ago. When the count dropped to 244 in mid-August 2020 it was the lowest the domestic rotary rig count has been since the Houston based oilfield servic....

  • NM hearing begins for next round of rules - 09/26/2021 (Login to read Full story) New Mexico is now the nation's second largest oil producing state, and environmental officials say more needs to be done to rein in pollution from the industry. They are proposing another set of rules as part of Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham's initiative to address climate change. This time, the stat....

  • Highest Arctic sea ice minimum since 2014 - 09/26/2021 (Login to read Full story) The National Snow and Ice Data Center has reported that the Arctic sea ice cover likely reached its annual minimum extent on Sept. 16, and that this year's minimum extent is the highest since 2014. However, NSIDC also cautioned that the amount of multi-year ice, the relatively thick ice that has sur....

  • Oil patch bits: Lynden International announces name change - 09/26/2021 (Full story) As reported by Lynden News Sept. 20, Lynden International announced that the company will begin operating under the name Lynden Logistics Inc. to more accurately reflect its full range of capabilities and services. Since its inception in 1977, Lynden International has expanded from a pure air freig....

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  • Court confirms Furie's plan for Ch. 11 sale to Hex 06/12/2020
  • Restructured, renamed Hex nears closing date on Furie assets 06/04/2020
  • RCA approves Chugach Electric purchase of ML&P 05/29/2020
  • Hilcorp gets approval for Whiskey Gulch strat test plan 05/22/2020
  • Alaska Gasline Development receives FERC approval 05/21/2020

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