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  • Oil Search endures - 07/25/2021 (Full story) Despite what hindsight might show to be an unwise decision, Oil Search Ltd.'s board quickly accepted the resignation of its top executive Keiran Wulff, creating worries about the future of the big North Slope Pikka development and further opportunity for regional competitor and shareholder Santos to....

  • Prudhoe drilling resumes - 07/25/2021 (Login to read Full story) Drilling is resuming at Prudhoe — at least in the western satellite area. When Hilcorp North Slope, the Prudhoe Bay unit operator, filed its plan of development for the Prudhoe western satellites in January, it told the Alaska Division of Oil and Gas that the working interest owners had not approve....

  • Oil makes comeback - 07/25/2021 (Login to read Full story) The oil trading week began with a mini crash July 19, as the footings crumbled from under major oil indexes. Alaska North Slope crude plunged $4.90 to close at $68.67 per barrel, Brent dropped $4.96 to close at $72.23 and West Texas Intermediate lost $5.39 to close at 66.42. The mid-$70 trading rang....

  • C$55 billion BC LNG venture by Indigenous community, producers - 07/25/2021 (Login to read Full story) A British Columbia Indigenous community and the province's natural gas industry have launched plans for a massive LNG venture carrying the largest price tag of any industrial project in Canadian history and shrugging off uncertainty surrounding the global LNG outlook. The Nisga'a Nation and a partne....

  • Panel on BP Statistical Review reflects global climate change - 07/25/2021 (Login to read Full story) Following a presentation on July 8 on the results of BP's annual Statistical Review of World Energy, a panel of experts discussed some of the findings of the review. Much of the discussion revolved around efforts to tackle global warming and what these efforts mean for the future of the energy indus....

  • Agency decision takes Oil Search step closer to Pikka STP approval - 07/25/2021 (Login to read Full story) On July 20 Tom Stokes, director of the Alaska Department of Natural Resources' Division of Oil and Gas, issued a proposed determination on a combined Pikka seawater treatment plant and make-up water and gas lines easement, bringing Oil Search Alaska a little closer to final division approval of its....

  • Shell plans second carbon capture facility at Alberta refinery site - 07/25/2021 (Login to read Full story) Royal Dutch Shell will decide within two years whether to quiet some of its critics and join an industry push towards net zero carbon emissions by 2050. It is weighing a proposed Polaris carbon capture and storage, CCS, facility at its large Scotford refinery and petrochemical complex near Edmonton....

  • Eni fined $440,000 for failure to test - 07/25/2021 (Login to read Full story) The Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission is fining Eni US Operating Co. $440,000 for late mechanical integrity tests on 19 wells. In a July 21 order, the commission said Eni failed to test the injection wells at Nikaitchuq within the required four-year cycle. AOGCC said this violation is a re....

  • Hilcorp files PODs for small inlet fields - 07/25/2021 (Login to read Full story) Hilcorp Alaska has described varied plans to regulators for three small Cook Inlet units it operates — Beaver Creek, Birch Hill and North Trading Bay. The onshore Beaver Creek and Birch Hill units are on federal leases in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, and those units are managed by the U.S. D....

  • Alyeska completes maintenance shutdown - 07/25/2021 (Login to read Full story) Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. has completed a July 17-18 30-hour maintenance shutdown of the trans-Alaska pipeline system, the first major maintenance shutdown of the line since August 2019. Alyeska said this was the only long-duration shutdown scheduled for this year, with two short-duration shutdo....

  • Railbelt Reliability Council moves forward - 07/25/2021 (Login to read Full story) The Railbelt Reliability Council, or RRC, is moving forward in establishing its organization, with the intent to apply to the Regulatory Commission of Alaska on Oct. 1 for a certificate to operate as the electric reliability organization for the Alaska Railbelt electrical system, according to a noti....

  • US rotary rig count gains 5, now at 484 - 07/25/2021 (Login to read Full story) The Baker Hughes U.S. rotary drilling rig count was at 484 the week ending July 16, a gain of five from the previous week's count of 479 and up by 231 from 253 a year ago. When the count bottomed out at 244 in mid-August last year, it was not just the low for 2020, but the lowest the count has been....

  • CINGSA files for 2% interim increase - 07/25/2021 (Login to read Full story) Cook Inlet Natural Gas Storage Alaska, CINGSA, has filed with the Regulatory Commission of Alaska for an interim and refundable tariff increase of 2%, effective Aug. 1, and a proposed permanent rate increase based on the outcome of the proposed cost of service study, an increase which CINGSA Preside....

  • Oil patch bits: Diamond Grid and Ace Hardware in agreement - 07/25/2021 (Login to read Full story) John Horjes, executive director for Diamond Grid USA & Canada, announced July 13 that Diamond Grid is now an approved vendor for Ace Hardware. “We are pleased to join Ace Hardware as a vendor to their many locations in the United States, Canada, and around the world. “Our EDI system is currently ‘o....

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  • Court confirms Furie's plan for Ch. 11 sale to Hex 06/12/2020
  • Restructured, renamed Hex nears closing date on Furie assets 06/04/2020
  • RCA approves Chugach Electric purchase of ML&P 05/29/2020
  • Hilcorp gets approval for Whiskey Gulch strat test plan 05/22/2020
  • Alaska Gasline Development receives FERC approval 05/21/2020

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